At NUYU, 100% freshness goes right into the juicer and into your hands in a matter of minutes. There's no powder or artificial ingredients here, just 100% pure, fresh fruits and vegetables. Come experience new health, new energy, and a NUYU.


NUYU was created because we wanted to see a healthier fast food option in Yakima. With our already fast paced lives, it can be easy to settle for unhealthy food options. So, we banded together to create a solution. Through a lot of experimenting and planning, NUYU became a reality.

Drinking juice allows our bodies to absorb an optimal amount of nutrients from a wide variety of vegetables and fruits in the most efficient way. Weight loss, renewed energy and a general feeling of awesomeness are some of the benefits we have experienced drinking juice on a regular basis, and we are confident you will too. Whether you decided to make it a lifestyle, or you just get one every once in while, we believe you will notice a positive difference in how you feel and start to rethink your drink.